Company Profile
Knitted Fabric With BS-5852 Flame Retardant Series

Since CIAN LI International Co., Ltd’s founding in August, 2008 in Taipei, CIAN LI has upheld a sincere and pragmatic attitude, advancing excellent manufacturing technology, ideal management techniques, satisfactory service quality, and an inseparably close work team that strengthens its competitive power.From sample research and development, orders, and large-scale production to shipping, combining the benefits software and hardware in a good working environment, and satisfying customer demands with cumulative, sustainable strength. During the manufacturing process, there are frequent internal inspections to ensure that products in the processing process and the final products are kept in accordance with international standards and customer demands.

The company’s primary product involves the manufacturing and sale of functional textile fabrics. Included among these are fabric products for infants, car interior fabric materials, home furnishing textiles, outdoor use textiles, shoe materials, and various types of multi-functional goods.

The contents include knitted and plain weave fabrics and supplementary materials. The material quality is principally composed of polyester, nylon, and cotton, mutually accompanying different changes. The denier number ranges from 20D to 1680D, arranged in various different head thread’s plate-head and various sword-track style looms to make agile changes for customer manufacturing of a variety of different high quality materials. As for special manufacturing requests, we can make use of environmentally protective reusable yarn, made in accordance with the concept of environmentally safe industrial fabrics. The advanced processing techniques, no matter if it involves pearly luster fabrics or a fake leather effect, are so good that the result is cozy-feeling chamois leather materials. We can provide any service.

Within a larger environment of globalizing competition, our focus is on the innovation of production development and using innovative applications, from traditional trade orders in manufacturing to development to products.Development service customization turning into merchandise fabric development and functional materials is an excellent partner to planning solutions.

Business Operation Philosophy

Excellent quality technology and innovation, giving products unending vitality.

Continuous research and innovation, exploring the explosive potential of goods

Continuous improvement and development, increasing the staying power of existing products

Company Evolution
2008 2008 Establishment: Huang Lin Technology Co., Ltd.
2009 2009 Name Change: CIAN LI International Co., Ltd.
2010 2010 Location change: Business location moves to Taoyuan City
2014 2014 Authentication: Flame Retardant via OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Authentication