BS-5852 Flame Retardant

Due to fiber products having the risk of combusting, spreading, and potential danger during fire, accompanied with their potential to spread smoke, toxic gases, and impede people in dangerous situations, following the desire to increase quality of life, people take care of their safety demands such that they also share in these large increases. In our ordinary lives, textiles we may come in contact with include home decoration products, automotive safety products, outdoor products, protection products, and clothing to meet our flame retardant demands.

The textiles used in child and home furnishings are found in sofas, curtains, shower curtains, bedding, seating, tablecloth, carpets, etc. using the main international standards of ISO6941 and BS-5852.

The textiles mainly used in automotive safety and child products are found in automotive safety seats and interior accessories using the main international standard of MVSS302 and ECE-R44.

The textiles primarily used in outdoor products are found in tents, rain shelters (umbrellas), sofa recliners, etc., following the primary international standard of CPAI84.

The textiles primarily used in clothing and protection products are found in pajamas and specialty protective clothing following the primary international standard of CPSC 16 CFR PART 1610, and EN 14878、ISO15025.

After fiber products have gone through the flame retardant process, they give our lives another invisible layer of protection.

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