Ultraviolet rays are light waves that are invisible to the naked eye. The shorter the wavelength the rays have, the stronger the energy they contain. Every kind of wavelength can break through to the skins inner free radicals, creating potential various degrees of harm and influence to your skin, eyes, and immune system.

When it comes to our inevitable exposure to ultraviolet radiation, typically we choose to apply sunscreen or wearable sun shading product to obstruct ultraviolet irradiation. In the case of textiles, in situations involving typical clothing, where one demands durability, you can choose fabrics made with UV resistant yarn through fabrics that achieve these effects after processing.


ASTM D6603

ASTM D6544

BS EN 13758-1

CNS 15001 L1035

After the processing of textiles, one can reduce ultraviolet rays damaging an individual’s skin, providing an invisible layer of protection.

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