Foam paste processing applications can be divided into clothing, automotive products, shoe materials, hat material, bag material, and other applications in various categories. Every field has different requirements.

Clothing category:

It must meet the basic functions of keeping warm and mild wind-proofing. Use of the film laminating method allows for the product to have wind-proof, waterproof, anti-vapor, etc. functions, and can use foam or thermal protection fabric to create additional features.


Automotive products category:

Can be used in seats, car door panels, sun visors and ceilings to increase shock absorption and flame retardant effects.

Shoe Material category:

It has warmth preservation and protective characteristics, and after being paired with waterproof and moisture permeable films, the finished product has greater variability and multi-functionality in particular environments.

Bag and Hat Material Category

It has washable, soft-feeling characteristics, and may increase the stiffness of a product, giving it a solid feeling, while also having a protective function.

Other categories:

Widely used in home furnishings, chairs, office chairs, medical equipment, rehabilitation equipment, child safety seats, anti-static clothing footwear, carpets, blankets, canvas tents, underwear materials, and other products.