Seats Using Anti-bacterial, Flame Retardant Fleece
Car interiors have long-term exposure to the influences of environmental factors such as UV rays, temperature changes, moisture, etc, leading to situations where the interior fades and cracks. Besides these long-term issues, seats and carpets in cars can become filthy and easily breed bacteria and fungi, and therefore interior cleaning and maintenance is very important. The car is a place the owner and family members come into contact with every day. As such, while you can leave the outside of the car dirty, a dirty interior can influence one’s health and must be paid attention to. Maintaining a clean car is very important, as bacteria and fungi are invisible to the naked eye, but functional fabric can protect against them. In addition to fighting bacteria, automotive fire safety is also a standard requirement. CIAN LI provides your safety and comfort with antibacterial, flame retardant fleece so that both layers of safety provide another layer of invisible antibacterial protection!