knitting can be divided into the two different categories of weft knitted fabric (weft knit) and warp knitted fabric (warp knit), differing from plain weaves.

The characteristics of the cloth, if when the knitted fabric is submitted to external tension, such as longitudinal stretching, when the bend in the coil is changed, or when the height of the coil is also increased while the width of the coil is decreased, such as tension from horizontal stretching, or during the opposite situation when the coil’s height and width are at different tension conditions, allow it to be mutually converted.

The extensibility of knitted fabric, its good feeling, generally frequently featured in the textile auxiliary impregnation method, cloth-to-cloth sticking, or film bonding for functional expansion. Due to market demand and advances in processing technology, the knitted fabric glue coating process has gradually entered a new phase. CIAN LI International, in order to make material that can be widely used in a variety of products, outside of general pressure and windproof processing, has also produced anti-bacterial and flame retardant series, flameproof coating and flame lamination for reference and use.