Anti-Pilling Polar Fleece 100% Polyester
100% Polyester

Following the modern trends, changes in consumer demands, modern clothing not only focuses on fashion and comfort, but it also pays attention to its functionality and other factors. This kind of clothing has gradually become of greater importance in the consumer market.

Functional clothing refers to clothing containing fibers with functional material weaves. Consumer demands from leisure or outdoor activities have given rise to a need to be provided with diverse functional fabrics.

Indoor aerobic exercise classes require highly scalable elastic fabric, with moisture-wicking and quick drying functions;

Outdoor activities require clothing with warm, windproof, lightweight, and breathable functions;

When playing golf, you need clothing with UV protection, water resistance, and stain prevention functions.

Adding functional clothing allows you to wear not only meet fashion demands, but at the same time have both comfort and protective functions.

Applies to the following fabrics:

Flame retardant fabrics, UV resistant fabrics, insect repelling fabrics, antibacterial fabrics, absorbent/water repellent, temperature control fabric


Applies to the following fabric